Our Favourite Orders

There are orders that give us a lot of pleasure, because we always realize that we can solve a real problem for our customers. This is always the case, for example, when shipments are particularly large, heavy and bulky. Then our Heroes operate at the highest level and our packaging experts have a real challenge ahead of them.

Here is our current list of favourite orders:


We'll pick up your bike unpacked and in its entirety at your place. As usual, within an hour. It is then put into our HUB where it is optimally packaged. Usually, the next day it will be on its way. We offer the delivery of bicycles within Germany for 54,99€. We will be happy to make you an individual offer for international shipping. For shipments outside the EU, you should pay attention to the special conditions for customs. Children's bicycles can be shipped at even lower prices if they fit into a box measuring 120x60x60x60cm. In case of doubt, it is therefore worthwhile to take a precise measurement.


Strollers are always a bit of a challenge for our team. Whenever we believe that we would know every possible mechanism conceivable for folding, a new model with a new system appears in our HUB. Just like bicycles, we can pick up a stroller within an hour without packaging. Of course, we are very happy if it is already folded. The whole thing then ends up in our HUB, where it is professionally packaged and then shipped, usually as a DHL package. Including pickup, packaging and nationwide shipping our price is 46,99€. If you prefer to pack the stroller yourself, you can deduct 4,50€ from this amount.

Please note that your stroller must not weigh more than 31.5kg (including packaging) and that the box must have a maximum girth of 360cm (the girth is quite simple, the formula is: Longest side + 2 * Width + 2 * Depth).

Twin wagons usually go beyond this level and some single wagons can be quite heavy. We will gladly make you an individual offer depending on the destination address and the weight. Just call us on 08006002290, write us an email (bestellungen@packator.com) or fill in the form on the website (product category XL). Please try to have the measurements and weight of your shipment ready, so that we can inform you quickly about the price.

Car Tires

Your car is in Munich, but your winter tires are still stored in Berlin? No problem when using Packator! For 69,99€ we will pick up your set of car tires at short notice, make everything ready for dispatch and deliver it within 1-3 working days via our logistics partners to any address in Germany. If the tyres are already packed, we charge 51,99€ - but it has to be 4 packages, which do not exceed the maximum size of 120x60x60cm with a maximum of 31,5kg. Prices for international shipping are available on request. Of course, we also take care of tires for larger vehicles and determine the best price on a case-by-case basis.


Traveling without annoying luggage and having the heavy suitcase sent to the hotel - sounds convenient. This also works fine with Packator, but there are a few things you should be aware of. Basically, we also pick up your suitcase within 60 minutes and hand it over to our logistics partners (usually DHL) as soon as possible. If we pick up your order in the afternoon, it may also be possible that we can only deliver the shipment the following day. If things turn out to be very bad, our partner takes advantage of his 3 working days delivery time (national) and you have to lie at the hotel pool without any swimwear - very relaxing, but in many cases against the hotel rules!

To be on the safe side, let us pick up your suitcase with sufficient time in advance. This is especially true if you want to send it abroad. Please note our international shipping times. For shipments to addresses outside the EU, please be aware that there are special customs regulations. By the way, a hard case does not have to be packaged; shipping via our logistics partners also works without cardboard in this case.

When creating an order for a suitcase, one of our product categories M or L is usually sufficient, i. e. maximum dimensions of 120x60x60cm at 31.5kg. So just enter your data, display the price, book and you're done. Easy? Easy!


A good piece of furniture is unique. For us, this means that we also determine the most favourable price for furniture transport or shipment on a case-by-case basis. Just send us an XL request, preferably right away via our website. Our HEROES are strong, but they are not real movers. In addition, they usually travel alone. In order to get your favourite sofa from your attic apartment in the third backyard into the transporter, you should organise support for carrying it so that our drivers can then ideally receive the good stuff at the curb. The same applies at the destination. If our HERO is able to do so, he will of course help you carry it. As with all transports, it is always important for us to know the dimensions and weight of furniture in advance so that we can organise the right means of transport.


Monet or Manet? No problem for our packaging experts, who are now also true art connoisseurs. Great art sometimes comes along in small format - in this case you simply book one of our standard options S, M or L depending on the size and weight of your shipment. If the painting doesn't fit our standard sizes, you can simply make an XL request. Our logistics specialists will then determine the best price and we will make you an offer for your art shipment.

Stereo Systems/ Speakers

Music systems are usually very sensitive devices. Our packaging experts offer very good and safe solutions. It is important to note that the extra-safe packaging will increase the weight and volume of the shipment considerably. An M-order turns into an L-order.

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