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To offer our outstanding service to customers throughout Germany, we rely on courier partners like you.

We promise:

  • A steady flow of orders
  • Fair conditions
  • Flexibility
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Drive with us

Become a Courier Partner

We are always looking for outstanding courier partners to work with us. Here is how it works, from getting a first contact to starting earning money.

Register as Courier

Whether you operate as a single courier or as a multi-driver courier company, Packator offers you an easy way to get more relevant jobs. Register free of charge and in just a few steps on our website. We will then get back to you immediately with a proposed date for an initial meeting.

Receive transport offers, and ride

After the activation of your profile, you will receive the first transport orders in your area. They can be sent to you simply via the Packator Courier app or by SMS or e-mail - just as you wish! You decide for yourself which offers you want to accept and thus plan your tours optimally.

Earn Money

As an independent courier company, you determine your earnings yourself. You can see what compensation is offered for each order and can then decide whether you accept the order or not. Fairness is our highest priority. I.e. we offer our partners and customers fair conditions for a high-quality transport service. Your earnings will be paid directly from us every month.
Our service in overview

Local and worldwide delivery solutions

Packator is a one-stop-shop for all things fast delivery. Thanks to Packator you will help new customers with the services you provide best, and increase your revenue.
Express delivery

Express delivery

We are always looking for partners able to deliver quickly and reliably worldwide, both via express shipment and direct delivery.
Direct delivery

Direct delivery

We have regular Germany-wide deliveries and are happy to work with reliable independent drivers and courier companies.
Overnight delivery

Overnight delivery

If you offer Germany-wide overnight delivery, get in touch. And if you also provide late pickups, we are excited to hear from you.
City courier

City courier

We are happy to work with courier companies and independent drivers who offer bike, emission-free, oversized or classical delivery options.